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Cookie Notice



This website property NOVALEGAL ABOGADOS, S.L. installs some useful information on your computer or mobile device in the form of a “cookie”.

Overall, cookies allow a Web page, store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your computer, can be used to recognize the user. In other cases they are essential to provide a proper navigation of the website.



In general cookies are divided into different types according to their storage time, category and partly responsible.

Storage time Explanation
Session It is automatically deleted when you close your browser
Persistent It is stored in their terminal equipment until a certain date


Responsible party Explanation
Originally Installed by the manager of the website
Third Installed accountable for data processing outside the owner of the website
Types according to their purpose Management options
Technical cookies They are those that allow the user to correctly navigate through a website, platform or application and use of the different options or services it there
Cookies customization Are those that allow users to access the service with some features of a general nature based on a predefined set of criteria the user terminal such as would be the language, the type of browser through which accesses the service, locale from which you access the service, etc.
Cookies analysis They are those that allow the responsible for them, monitoring and analyzing the behavior of users of the websites to which they are linked.
Advertising cookies They are those that enable management, as effectively as possible, including certain advertising space on the website.
Behavioral advertising cookies Are those that enable management, as effectively as possible, including certain advertising space on the website, based on user behavior.



Name of the cookie End Category Expiration Third
_utma This cookie is usually installed in the browser on his first visit to the web site from that web browser. If the cookie has been deleted by you, and the browser revisits the site, a new __utma cookie is installed with a different unique identifier. This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to this website and is updated with each page view. In addition, this cookie is provided with a unique ID that Google Analytics uses to ensure both the validity and accessibility of the cookie as an extra security measure. Treasury analysis (Google Analytics) Persistent No
__utmz This cookie stores the reference rate used for you to come to this website, either through a direct method, a referring link, a web search or a campaign such as an ad or an email link. It is used to calculate search engine traffic, ad campaigns and page navigation within this website. The cookie is updated with each page view of this website. Cookies own analysis (Google Analytics) Persistent No
__utmb This cookie is used to establish and continue a user session with the website. When you visit a page of this website, Google Analytics code attempts to update this cookie. Can not find the cookie, you write a new and a new session is established. Each time you visit a different page on this site, this cookie is updated to expire in 30 minutes, thus continuing a single session for as long as it continues its activity in 30 minutes. This cookie expires when you pause on a page of this site for more than 30 minutes. Cookies own analysis (Google Analytics) Persistent No
__utmc This cookie operates in conjunction with the cookie __utmb to determine whether or not to establish a new session for you. This cookie expires when you exit your browser. Cookies own analysis (Google Analytics) Persistent No



All browsers allow you to configure the use of cookies. Although it is not recommended to disable them, you can always do so by accessing the appropriate section within your web browser preferences. Here are some tutorials cookie settings of the major browsers:


To learn more about how to delete cookies, you can go to the help section of your browser. You can also find more information available on the website of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, Recommendations for safe navigation.